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Posted on 4/11/23

On March 8-10th 2024, the Gold Rush community of Angels Camp "frogtown", will showcase the sights and sounds of medieval combat. This will not be a typical medieval dinner show. The acting troupe isn't trying to play make-believe realistically, this will be still hard-core, and a full contact joust!

Imperial Knights
Tournament of Champions

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The Imperial Knights' pride themselves on thier large scale tournaments and hand to hand combat performances. Thier experts have knowledge and experience unmatched by any other jousting company. Thier knights have performed for clients in a huge variety of locations and conditions. No matter what the location is like they can create a battle that will delight your audience! From sword fights to a full joust, they provide every combination of knightly skills for the event!

Thier jousts are FULL CONTACT! They do not use break-away lances or fake hits like many other companies. Each pass is real and so is the danger! Thier Knights compete nationally and hold many titles and a 2006 Team Championship. When you see them in action you are witnessing a timeless tradition recreated to perfection!

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Posted on 3/17/21

More than an expert juggler. Kevin is known worldwide as a dynamic entertainer. With his sharp juggling knives, and sharper wit, he blends comedy, juggling, circus, magic, fire (when appropriate), and stunts with upbeat energy and a positve message. 

Kevin axtell 



The result is unique, inspiring, and memorable. Winner of several international juggling awards and medals. Kevin has a long list of performance credits spanning 16 years.

As director of The Firewalking Center he is an accomplished motivational speaker and firewalking instructor. In 2011 he became a partner in the Flow Arts Institute, the nations leading Flow Arts festival producers. They have now grown to 7 annual events all over the country every year.

Kevin was recently promoted to General Manager of the countries longest running fire and Flow Arts festival FireDrums XIV.

FRIDAY- Kevin will be doing "Learn to Juggle" shows. Come Learn about juggling with your class or family.

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Shrewed and Knavishe

Posted on 3/17/21

Shrewed and Knavishe, renowned for its innovative and immersive theater experiences, proudly announces a series of unique Shakespearean performances at California's Renaissance Faires. Blending entertainment with a historical ambiance, the company is set to bring William Shakespeare's timeless tales to life in a format that's both accessible and captivating.


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This season features two standout shows. "Shakespeare the Pirate" is an adventurous exploration of how Shakespeare might have embodied the spirit of a pirate. Described as their "Shakespeare 101," it's an ideal show for both Shakespeare novices and aficionados, offering a fun and insightful exploration of the Bard's more adventurous side.
Their second show, "Pandemonium in Padua or How to Tame a Shrew in 30 Minutes or Less," presents a lively adaptation of "The Taming of the Shrew." This performance is a whirlwind of entertainment, featuring puppets, suitors, and swordfights, all packed into a fast-paced, 30-minute Shakespearean comedy.
"Our goal is to make Shakespeare's works accessible and enjoyable for everyone," says Lauren Coats, spokesperson for Shrewed and Knavishe. "Our performances at California's Renaissance Faires offer a unique, immersive way to experience Shakespeare's genius."
Set against the backdrop of Renaissance Faires, these performances transport audiences to the Elizabethan era. Attendees can expect superb storytelling, talented actors, and a healthy sprinkling of humor, making these shows a highlight of their Renaissance Faire experience.
Shrewed and Knavishe invites everyone to join them at a Renaissance Faire for an unforgettable Shakespearean experience that's both accessible and memorable.

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Posted on 3/17/21

Hearts of Khyber is a collective of musicians and dancers who represent the nomads that traveled the ancient Silk Road. While crossing the continents, they absorbed the traditions, music, and dance from the multiple cultures they encountered.


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The first groups of these travelers migrated into Great Britain by the end of the 15th century. They were initially welcomed by the local gentry and royalty to camp on the outskirts of towns or just outside city walls, and were often paid for playing music or telling fortunes.

Hearts of Khyber derives its name from the Khyber Pass, an integral, yet often treacherous, part of the ancient Silk Road. Having a heart of Khyber means you have the strength and fortitude to be the hardiest of travelers!

Come and visit the Hearts of Khyber encampment and watch these mysterious travelers perform live, historical music and dance!"

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heavy AThletics (highland games)

Posted on 2/4/24

501(c)(3) Benefits For Fallen Heroes is hosting the return of the Scottish Highland Games Heavy Athletics at the 38th Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire March 8 - 10, 2024. BFFH from Livermore, CA, assists first responders, their families and veterans in the Bay Area in need of help (also sponsors the Veterans Games at Las Positas College in Livermore). Friday March 8th will be a demonstration of the Highland Heavy Athletics for invited spectators, this is a good opportunity for athletes to get in a practice before their competition. Saturday and Sunday March 9th & 10th will be nine competition events during the festival.


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There will be 6 athlete classes of 10 spots each (capped at 60 athletes per day) on Saturday and Sunday. Athletes will receive an Athlete Celtic Faire t-shirt and other gifts. The throwing events will take place in the lower half of the fairgrounds (livestock area) and there is a designated special gate for athletes to drive through. Athletes and family/friends are encouraged to enjoy the Celtic Faire as there is lots to do and see from live Celtic music, whisky tasting, jousting, living history and more. Come have an amazing and memorable time.

Saturday Classes: Men's B & C, Men's Masters 40+ & 50+, Women's B & C

Sunday Classes: Men's Lightweight, Women's Lightweight, Women's Masters 40+, Women's Masters 50+, Men's & Women's A

Competition will consist of the following nine events:

Open Stone, Braemar Stone, Heavy & Light Hammers, Heavy & Light Weight for Distance, Caber, Weight over Bar & Sheaf.

Athletes must participate in all events to qualify for the aggregate awards.

Aggregate ties will be broken by number of 1st, 2nd, etc in individual events. If still tied, Caber score will determine place.

Exhibition Events (if weather gets bad): Farmers Carry, Stone Lift, Tug-of-War, Axe Throwing, Truck Pull, Hay-Stack Race.

The weather will be cold and possibly wet so dress appropriately. In the event a storm or tornado comes in, the games will be halted and athletes will move to Exhibition Events in covered arena. You are welcome to bring your own pop up tent, food, drinks, supplements etc. You should expect to be competing until 5:00 P.M. as we are there to entertain the crowd also.

Camping is permitted. Tents must be a canopy pop up tent or medieval like tent or TP, not a regular camping tent unless a tarp is thrown over it to make it somehow look medieval. Trailers are also allowed but there are no hook ups (electrical, sewage, water etc.).

If by March 1st fewer than 4 applications are received for a given class, said class will be eliminated and athletes may be asked to choose a different class for competition.

Applications may be accepted after March 5th (t-shirts may not be available), including field registration on a space available basis determined by Athletic Director.

Pre-registration fees for athletic competition: $40 with a shirt (plus small processing fee).

Any application received after March 6th, ticket fee will be $45.

Athletes will use back gate to athletic field (just follow the signs when you arrive). Payment for parking is yet to be determined.

Athletes will receive 2 free beer tickets and a front of the line pass for lunch (lunch is not provided (yet)).

Winners 1st place through 3rd place in each class will receive awards. Certificates will be emailed to athletes after their competition (due to weather).

Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Competition will be conducted in accordance to SHA rules.

Athletes must be 18 years or older to compete.

All athletes must wear the official games shirt provided and kilt (with undergarments) during competition.

Check-in time for all athletes begins at 8:15 am at the Heavy Events field tent and will close promptly at 8:45 am.

Competition starts promptly at 9:00 am Athlete Meeting 8:55 (Weigh-in at scoring table during check-in. They may be done earlier if a judge is available.)

Positive attitudes only.
For questions contact Josh Laine, Athletic Director, (925)321-0373 or highlandgamesad@proton.me

Sign up to compete here!

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Posted on 3/17/21

Saturday 12:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm

This year we have taken a page from our whiskey playbook of the past. We are bringing back the Blind Whiskey Competition!


From Gary Britt Jr. "The Whisky Priest"


The whiskey selections are Top Secret. Our team chooses six types of budget friendly whiskies to compete in a blind tasting. Our mission is to help customers find a great tasting, reasonably priced whiskey they enjoy, so it can be added to their next shopping list.

How the Blind Whiskey Experience works: You are offered six tastings on a plank numbered 1- 6. Scan the QR code for the survey link. Answer the question on your tasting. Choose the number you liked the best. After you submit your answer the product is revealed with the tasting card information. The experience is paperless, streamlined and convenient by using your smart phone or tablet.

In the Whiskey Hall, the survey will be monitored. All the updates on the winning whiskey by number can be located in the pub during the duration of the event.

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The Celtic Caterer

Posted on 12/17/23

The Celtic Caterer with Chef Eric W. McBride is a unique Catering and Culinary Educational site, dedicated to the epicurean delights of the 8 Celtic Nations, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Manx, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia & Asturia).

Celtic Caterer Cooking Shows 2024

12:00 pm Galacian Peppery Sage Biscuits
1:30 pm Creamy Potato & Leek Soup
3:00pm Pork Tenderloin / Whisky Cream Sauce
4:30 pm Welsh Honey & Whisky Cake

12:00 Galician Whisky Bacon Green Beans
2:00 pm Irish Shrimp Tarragon
3:30 pm Scotch Egg Potato Casserole

The Celtic Caterer

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Chef McBride has created a fusion between many favorite traditional Celtic delights with that of 21st Century American cooking techniques and ingredients.

He and his award winning recipes have been featured at numerous Celtic Festivals from Estes Park CO, to Daytona Beach FL, Long Beach CA, to Albany, NY, from Detroit MI, to Dallas TX, and not forgetting to take that left turn at Albuquerque all the way to Portland OR. Chef McBride’s numerous Celtic Cookbooks, and Celtic Spices have revolutionized the way people view and taste traditional Celtic Food.