Why Volunteer?
You can be an important part of a team. Volunteers keep the faire running, and without all of your help we would have not made it this far. As a volunteer you get a behind-the-scenes look at everything: it’s more fun to step back for a minute and look at the thousands of people that come to faire, and to know that you’re a part of it all. Aside from that you’ll meet a lot of fun and interesting people.
It is also a great opportunity to get work experience for resumes, college applications or to put in your work portfolio. We will also sign off on class credits, community hours or other forms if needed.

Who can volunteer?
You Can! Lots of people volunteer for the faire. We need as many people we can get to build our team. There are a variety of jobs for volunteers at the faire. Different people bring their unique skills, so we are sure there is something you could do to help out.
Some duties for volunteers include the following
Ticket Takers, Ticket Sales, Will Call Tickets, Parking Attendants, Sanitations, Information Booth, Survey Taking, Security (Day and Over-Night), Set-up and Tear Down, & Band Hospitality.

When are volunteers needed?
These times are approximate. Friday, Sat. and Sun. have specific schedules for each type of duty.

Tues. March 9th 2pm-8pm
Wed. March 10th 8am-9pm
Thurs. March 11th 8am-9pm - Night Security 9pm-7am
Fri. March 12th 7am-4pm - Night Security 4pm-7am
Sat. March 13th 7am-11:30pm - Night Security 11:30pm-7am
Sun. March 14th 7am-6pm
Mon. March 15th 9am-11am

What do you get for volunteering?
In exchange for your help in making our faire run smoothly you get in to enjoy the faire for free between your shift/shifts of volunteering. There are free meal vouchers for those who work on Fri. , Sat. and Sun. For those who wish to volunteer all weekend, there is tent camping for free. We have a volunteer break area and there are snacks and drinks throughout the day.
Most days we have a small breakfast to start the day.
We have a point based system for long term volunteers. With points you are able to get perks that include: Faire Shirts, Faire Merchandise, Badges, Patches, Pins, etc. We make it fun and interesting to volunteer. We have annual thank you parties for volunteers with food, drinks, gifts, game and more.

We do require most of our volunteers to attend at least one meeting before faire.
If you are unable to attend please email

2021 Volunteer Meeting
Location of meeting TBA

CA Celtic Heritage Organization Non profit 501(c)(3)

Is also looking for a few volunteers to help run the alcohol booths
If you are interested in helping that crew please email


You can attend the meeting for volunteers to sign up for CA Celtic Heritage Crew

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