2020 Musical Line-Up

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Seven Nations
7 Nations

The story of SEVEN NATIONS is that of a truly original and determined band that began in New York City, with members now hailing from California, to Toronto, to Florida. They have for years booked their own tours,and have had their own PBS and CNN specials. Throw away any preconceived notions you may have about Celtic music...this is a band that has invented its own sound and attracted a prodigious national and international following.

Seven Nations is not your father’s Celtic band. With a passionate, tender, and rollicking style that winningly veers from roots and folk to dance and fusion-rock, Seven Nations has earned a growing reputation as an adventurous band with a charismatic stage presence.

“Seven Nations — the name refers to the seven original Celtic nations of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Galecia, Isle of Man, and Brittany — officially began in 1993 in New York City with a standard line-up of drums, guitars, and bass,” notes lead singer and guitarist Kirk McLeod. “We soon introduced bagpipes into the show, and over time the number of songs utilizing bagpipes grew until it became obvious that they were integral to our emerging sound,” says McLeod. “Most of the band members grew up playing Celtic music, and we’ve been performing original compositions since we began. Our instrumentation, and bagpipes and fiddle mostly, give us a distinctive sound and that’s what makes us different.”


The mystic Freedom of the Highlands
CELTICA – Pipes rock! The 6–piece band shows with its battle cry their musical direction: The majesticmystic sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe elevates above the powerful rock band, the masterly
played violin expends the unique style with symphonic-epic melodies. Influences of Irish Folk,Symphonic Metal, and even Gothic merge with the energetic Celtic music, full of lust of life. This sound, as international as the musicians - coming from Scotland, USA, Bulgaria and Austria- and the spectacular show guarantee a concert no one will ever forget. Mystic torches on the bagpipes and
burning drumsticks, thundering against huge drums, create a cultic atmosphere, flames, shooting out of the instruments, entertain every audience worldwide…
That´s why Celtica is one of the most booked acts at Celtic-, Scottish-, Steampunk- and Medieval Festivals as well as at town festivals. Celtica could conquer their fans by storm at more than 450 performances in Europe -from the legendary Wacken-Festival in the very North to South Spain, and at numerous US- and Canada- tours from New York to San Francisco, from Florida up to the Rocky
Mountains, from Alaska to Hawaii.


Since forming in 1988, Tempest has delivered a globally-renowned hybrid of high-energy Folk Rock fusing Irish reels, Scottish ballads, Norwegian influences and other world music elements. The last 28 years have seen the San Francisco Bay Area based act release fifteen critically acclaimed CDs and play more than 2,000 gigs. It's also enjoyed an evolving line-up that's enabled musicianship and creativity to rise with each new member.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, founding member and lead singer/electric mandolinist, Lief Sorbye, is recognized as a driving force in the modern folk-rock movement. He started Tempest after years of touring and recording on the folk circuit. San Francisco fiddler Kathy Buys brings her international award winning playing to the Tempest stage. Her experience performing world-fusion music with high energy dance bands combined with many years of playing Irish traditional music in America and Ireland makes her a perfect fit for Tempest. Driving in from the North Bay area is Josh Fossgreen, an exceptional musical talent whose innovative bass textures add a rich dimension to the Tempest soundscape. And Northern California's own young Indian-American progressive guitarist, Ab Menon, skids to a flaming stop on the Tempest stage, replete with flying dreadlocks, dazzling string stylings and a sense of ticklish fun. Cuban-born drummer Adolfo Lazo, an original Tempest member, colors the band's sound with inventive rhythms, and rock-steady drumming.

Scurvy Monkeys

Molly's Revenge is a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. The classic combination of bagpipes, whistle, and fiddle, with a backdrop of guitar, mandola, and bodhran guarantees an enjoyable experience for all fans of Scottish and Irish music. Molly's Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and prestigious events in Scotland, Australia and China. Their arrangements of traditional Celtic jigs and reels bring these dance tunes up to date with a driving, hard-edged accent that always leaves audiences shouting for more.

The Black Irish Band
Black Irish Band

When you take Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and Italian Music, and mix it up, you get the true nature of the Black Irish Band. For 30 years this band has created an original sound that no other band has. With over 600 concert performances to date and airplay around the world, the band has kept very busy spreading their brand of progressive folk music to a large audience. Performing both traditional and original music the band is very focused on presenting acoustic music in a very exciting up-beat way that appeals to all ages. The band has written and recorded 96 original songs that appear on many of the bands twenty-six CD recordings. Many of the original works written by the band are based on Celtic history.

Hailing from the historic Gold Rush Town of Sonora, California, this five member Black Irish Band of 30 years, have a musical style that is as timeless as the rugged landscape of the west, a tribute to the people whose lives were spent building the world we now take for granted. The band has a large compliment of traditional maritime and railroad music, as well as ethnic tunes in their repertoire. They excel at Irish & Scottish, Italian, and American folk music with an assortment of original songs and traditional western ballads. The bands musical style captures the spirit of the immigrants of this land, the men and women who tamed the Wild West. The latest release is titled “Warriors of the West”...

Cooking with Turf
Cooking with Turf

Cooking With Turf is a quartet of friends who share
a long experience of playing Celtic traditional music.
We mainly present Irish and Scottish music,
but have a repertoire of British, Breton and
Galician tunes as well.
We also have an American repertoire featuring
Canadian, New England and Appalachian traditions.

Brother Angus

Chances are you’ve seen BROTHER on NBC’s ‘ER’, maybe heard their music on the classic ‘Baraka’ soundtrack or UPN’s ‘ Twilight Zone.’ The band has shared stages with Joe Walsh, John Entwhistle, Linkin Park, and Alicia Keys and are the only independent band to have played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Fusing signature vocals and guitar with the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes, and tribal percussion, BROTHER is wholly original. The band’s powerhouse live performances are an energetic celebration, captivating and engaging the audience from the first song to the last.

Michael Mullen
Michael Mullen

Michael loves fiddling, whether it's playing Celtic rock in front of thousands, or just enjoying some quiet tunes with a few friends. He has drawn the bow across the strings all his life, and continues to explore new horizons and delve deeper into well-known territories as well. As a California native (born in Fresno, grew up in Reedley) he was lucky to grow up in a town with very strong local support for music in the schools, where he played in school and youth orchestras (and every other musical group at Reedley High). He did not truly learn the simple joy of playing his instrument, though, until he began exploring "alternative" musical styles such as folk fiddling, country, swing-jazz, old time, etc. It's in Scottish and Irish music that Michael has found his true heart's home: no other kind of music both speaks to his soul and satisfies his musical mind like the power and plaint of Scottish and Irish reels, jigs, airs, and songs. Michael has performed many different styles of music with many different bands and ensembles over the years. A short list might include Tempest, Caliban, The Cadillac Cowboys, The Sons of the San Joaquin, Melanie O'Reilly, Shay Black, and several ensembles of his own such as Pangur Ban, Sgian Dhu, and GreenBridge. Michael has been known as a high-energy performer for years, receiving much praise from critics, the audience, and the press for his studio and live performances. He has attracted a following in his own right as a dynamic performer in both the acoustic traditional scene and as a rock violinist, and although both his performance style and his fiddling ability have matured over time, Michael still receives rave reviews from press and fans alike.

Glenn Morgan
Glenn Morgan

Glenn Morgan has been performing on the Hammered Dulcimer for over 35 years. He brings a unique upbeat energy and style to his playing, with a diverse repertoire spanning Irish, Welsh, English and Old-Time traditions, adding an occasional French or Eastern European tune for good measures.

Master of Cerimonies
Tonny Sserrano

Tony Serrano
This larger than life personality has been a professional Master of Ceremonies for many years in the Coffee and Entertainment Industries. His witty charm will have you captivated and informed in all aspects of the Black Oak stage's merriments for the event. Don't be shy, get up and join in the festivites of the faire.

In Tony's career as a MC, he has had the honor to provide his unique speaking talent at some of the most pristine events in the world. Some of those events include the South West Regional Barista Competitions (many times), United States Barista Championship, and the All Hallows Fantasy Faire.

Opening Moderator
Tim Elsey

Tim Elsey
Tim has been around many of stages over the years. His love for Celtic Punk Rock has set him on a mission to be the best commsure of the genre. Compileing all of his knowlege on the subject matter has been given the nick name "Oi" commonly used in Irish Punk rock for "hey".

Tim has been a long time part of Celtic Faire and the Celtic comunity. He has volunteered for many task to help out like minded Celts.  If you ever catch him stomping around in his docks and a kilt to the bellows of a paddy chant. You would see that he is the perfect one for the task at hand.   

Pipe Bands
Stag & Thistle

Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipes & Drums
The Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipes & Drums was formed as a main offshoot of the founding of the Piping Society of Central California in 1990 as a non-profit organization with the following purpose: "To preserve and promote the great highland bagpipe, excellence in piping and drumming, and the love of Scottish music." Now in its 25th year, the band has already accomplished many of its goals. The band teaches piping and drumming for free to anyone who has a genuine interest and willingness to work hard to learn. The band has also sent numerous pipers, drummers and dancers to summer schools and camps when possible. Over the years, the band has played at innumerable parades, dinners, parties, funerals, weddings, ceilidhs, holiday events, highland games and festivals from San Luis Obispo to Mammoth Lakes and San Diego to Sacramento.

Emerald Society bagpipe band

Emerald Society Bagpipe Band
Located in Ripon CA The Emerald Society Bagpipe Band features bagpipes and drums since 2005. It is the premier pipe band in the Central Valley of CA. It has performed throughout CA including: Modesto, Stockton, Fresno, Angels Camp, Murphys, Sacramento, Sonora, Bakersfield, Oakdale, Ripon and other cities in Southern CA. The band performs sets in both Irish and Scottish music. The band can perform a variety of events including: weddings, parades, cultural events, funerals and private parties. The band can provide solo pipers, a few or a full band with or without drums. We offer free instruction to those who would like to learn to play the bagpipes or drums. Our band is a family oriented group with members ranging from 7 to 70 years of age.


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