2020 Stage Line-Up

Kevin AxtellGeorge Harcow Professor bagpipesCeltic CatererMargie Butler Travling harpsBrian Cassasdyhearts of KHyberHighland DancerUS Army Recruiting Battalion, Central Ca,
George Harcow

George’s relationship with the Great Highland Bagpipes began in 1995 when his mother bought him his first set of pipes as a Christmas gift. It was an inexpensive set, and did not come with any instructions. The pipes were kept “behind the door” until 1999 when the Stanislaus County Sheriff formed a beginner band. The lessons were free and the opportunity became a reality.
Two teachers, Gary Speed and Corey Mann, gave lessons to the new members and eventually (2001) George became a member of the “Sheriffs Pipe Band”. He developed into a low Grade IV but was eager to progress.
In 2002 he was introduced to Pipe Major John Mitchell and became a member of “The Callanish Pipe Band, and a new set of blackwood pipes were purchased. Over the next 6 years his increased ability to play allowed him to compete in local and state-wide pipe band competitions and meet the wonderful people in the “Piping Community”
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Celtic Caterer Eric McBride
Celtic Caterer

The Celtic Caterer with Chef Eric W. McBride is a unique Catering and Culinary Educational site, dedicated to the epicurean delights of the 8 Celtic Nations, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Manx, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia & Asturia). Chef McBride has created a fusion between many favorite traditional Celtic delights with that of 21st Century American cooking techniques and ingredients. He and his award winning recipes have been featured at numerous Celtic Festivals. Chef McBride’s numerous Celtic Cookbooks, and Celtic Spices have revolutionized the way people view and taste traditional Celtic Food. WEBSITE

Kevin Axtell
Kevin Axtell

More than an expert juggler. Kevin is known worldwide as a dynamic entertainer. With his sharp juggling knives, and sharper wit, he blends comedy, juggling, circus, magic, fire (when appropriate), and stunts with upbeat energy and a positve message. The result is unique, inspiring, and memorable.
Winner of several international juggling awards and medals.
Kevin has a long list of performance credits spanning 16 years.

As director of The Firewalking Center he is an accomplished motivational speaker and firewalking instructor. In 2011 he became a partner in the Flow Arts Institute, the nations leading Flow Arts festival producers. They have now grown to 7 annual events all over the country every year.

Kevin was recently promoted to General Manager of the countries longest running fire and Flow Arts festival FireDrums XIV.

Highland Dancers
Highland Dancers

On the Black Oak Stage there will be the award wining dancers, Devon Yip, Tara Mills and Pamela Faljean form the Kyla’s School of Highland Dance. These talented young ladies will be performing highland dances and modern steps throughout the day in small sets and dancing to the bands.

Kyla's dancers have won accolades at competitions around the United States and the world. Since 1992, when Kyla last competed for the Best Sacramento Area Dancer, dancers from her dancing school have been awarded this high honor. They have also won awards at the United States National Championships, the Commonwealth Championships (Scotland), the Canadian Championship Series, the North American Championships, the Western United States Championships, the British Overseas Championships (Scotland), the Sacramento Valley Championships, and the Western Regional Championships.

Bob Bledsoe
Brian Cassasdy

Manis O'Tool plans to perform his "Imperial Tibetan Yak Show" with Clark, his trained yak - but Clark has gone missing at the last minute. Manis has prepared specifically yak related material and is now forced to come up with something else for his show... Fortunately, he's able to fill the time with storytelling (standup comedy), audience participation and a few flaming double headed axes that he can juggle.

Hearts of Khyber
Hearts of Khyber

Hearts of Khyber is a collective of musicians and dancers who represent the nomads that traveled the ancient Silk Road. While crossing the continents, they absorbed the traditions, music, and dance from the multiple cultures they encountered.

The first groups of these travelers migrated into Great Britain by the end of the 15th century. They were initially welcomed by the local gentry and royalty to camp on the outskirts of towns or just outside city walls, and were often paid for playing music or telling fortunes.

Hearts of Khyber derives its name from the Khyber Pass, an integral, yet often treacherous, part of the ancient Silk Road. Having a heart of Khyber means you have the strength and fortitude to be the hardiest of travelers!

Come and visit the Hearts of Khyber encampment and watch these mysterious travelers perform live, historical music and dance!"


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