2021 Field of Valor

Throughout history, the Celtic people have had their share of famous warriors. From the early battles with the Romans over territory, to the valiant charges made by the Irish Brigade, during the American Civil War. Great warriors such as Brian Boru and William Wallace have captured the imaginations of many hearts and minds through countless stories and tales. The Celts had to be ready for battle in a moments notice and kept their warriors well armed and trained. The Sonora Celtic Faire will be honoring the Celtic Warrior this year by presenting the skills needed in warfare. Many historical groups will be represented in the field of valor, from the ancient Celts of mid-Europe to Scottish Knights that battled the English.

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Armored Combat Worldwide (ACW)

is a sports league that organizes competitive matches between medieval armored combat teams, referred to as “chapters.” ACW provides a framework and support system for armored combat competition both domestically (USA) and abroad. Conference-level and national-level tournaments are held each year and a review of fighter performance at these tournaments is used to select fighters and teams for international competitions, tours and other showcase events around the world. ACWknights.com

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